Kimball International Announces New Executive Leadership Over Workplace & Health Business Units

Nov 18, 2021

Kimball International announced today two promotions to the organization’s Executive Leadership team. Promotions bring focused leadership to drive growth and build capabilities.

Kourtney Smith was promoted and named Chief Operating Officer of Kimball International’s Workplace & Health Business Units and Michael Roch was promoted and named Chief Customer Officer of Workplace & Health.

The evolved Executive Leadership team structure is designed to help the company win and scale in two of its strategic end markets, Workplace and Health.

As a 33-year veteran of Kimball International and Jasper native, Smith will shape the strategic direction of thecompany’s business operations, including customer service, product development and brand marketing for Workplace and Health, leading brands including Kimball, National, Etc., and Interwoven. In her new role as Chief Operating Officer of Workplace & Health, Smith will work with her team to build an even stronger, industry-leading design powerhouse serving the Workplace and Health end markets.

Previously, Smith served as President of the Workplace Business Unit at Kimball International. Since joining Kimball International in 1988, she has held many leadership roles across the company and developed deep experience in design innovation and customer-centric programs.

Roch, who has a 16-year tenure with the company, will lead business development, commercial strategy, A&D strategy, and sales, in addition to building even stronger capabilities in Health in his role as Chief Customer Officer of Workplace & Health. Roch previously served as Senior Vice President of Sales, Workplace for Kimball International and has held a variety of leadership roles across the sales function. He and Smith will collaborate to support the company’s Workplace and Health brands, including Kimball, National, Etc., and Interwoven.

“These announcements are incredibly exciting for both our business and our people. I’m so pleased to promote Kourtney and Michael who both have deep knowledge of our business and long-standing careers with the company,” said Kristie Juster, Chief Executive Officer of Kimball International. “Both appointments are critical to the growth of our business and will continue to put the customer at the center of everything we do. Kourtney brings a strong strategic focus and passion to her new role and Michael has incredible knowledge of our customer and sales strategy.”


About Kimball International Kimball International is a leading omnichannel commercial furnishings company with deep expertise in the Workplace, Health, and Hospitality markets. We combine our bold entrepreneurial spirit, a history of craftsmanship, and today’s design driven thinking alongside a commitment to our culture of caring and lasting connections with our customers, shareholders, employees, and communities. For over 70 years, our brands have seized opportunities to customize solutions into personalized experiences, turning ordinary spaces into meaningful places. Our family of brands includes Kimball, National, Etc., Interwoven, Kimball Hospitality, D’style, and Poppin. Kimball International is based in Jasper, Indiana.

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