Responsive Design

In today’s health environments, adaptability and flexibility are critical. Spaces must be responsive to the different needs of facilities to maximize efficiency and the quality of care.

Agile Environments

Agile environments are “mobile first” and allow caregivers to safely and conveniently shift layouts to support different tasks and modes of work.

Flexible Exam

By pushing the boundaries of a traditional exam space, we place caregivers and patients in supportive environments that respond to needs of the facility. From an operational efficiency perspective, these applications maximize use of space

Healthcare Community-9_Final.jpg
Versatile Community

We activate “waiting” into multiuse versatile community spaces designed around the needs of small group learning, wellness workshops, as well as family support while awaiting the diagnosis/prognosis of a loved one.  These dynamic environments support action and respite within one setting.

Scalable Space

We believe health design is responsive to the evolution of the Health practice and patient care standards. Responsive health design flexes and compresses easily to accommodate changing needs. We leverage modular products to create convertible, scalable spaces that consider the costs as business models change.

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