Gathering & Collaborative Spaces

Socializing supports positive mental health. With digital device usage at an all-time high, sometimes personal interactions are skipped and opportunities are missed.

Student Center

Open spaces can feel cozy and inviting by creating vignettes that support individuals or multi-person gatherings.  


Today’s library spaces encompass much more than books. From project-based learning to individualized lessons, these environments need to accommodate a spectrum of activities. 


Creativity-inducing spaces offer hands-on activities that engage the mind and offer an opportunity to reduce stress. These dynamic spaces provide a location to relax and connect or a comfortable niche to be alone while still among others.

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Focus Space

Within common as well as open concept areas, focus spaces create private coves for heads down time. Offering visual privacy and providing a distraction-free spot, these nooks are essential to student success.

Mindful Spaces

Spaces that both students and faculty can use are essential. This safe space is a place to take a few deep breaths and be able to finish the day. 

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