Learning Environments
Design Thinking for Today’s Learning Spaces

Kimball International offers a comprehensive portfolio of furniture solutions, specifically designed to create effective and beautiful education spaces. Today’s facilities are tasked with providing dynamic spaces that not only foster learning, but nurture school spirit. Together, let’s explore your objectives and develop flexible solutions that support unique learning styles and inspiring education environments.


The Power of Place

Our research-based design process ensures that our furniture meets the needs of students and faculty alike. We design for comfort, durability, and productivity. This comprehensive approach creates purposeful settings that work for a multitude of spaces and a variety of users, all while withstanding the rigors of spirited youth.

Fast Track Results

Our highly efficient, interactive design charette, Elevate, gets your facility up and running faster, so you can generate revenue sooner. This program allows all stakeholders to explore new ideas while making well-informed decisions based upon your schedule and budget realities.  


We Maximize Your Investment

Through our extensive experience with cooperative purchasing and countless partnerships with educational facilities, we confidently offer a process that is streamlined and effective. Let’s work together to transform your facility into exactly what you are envisioning.

Education Space Types
Gathering & Collaborating

Socializing supports positive mental health. With digital device usage at an all-time high, sometimes personal interactions are skipped and opportunities are missed. 

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Solutions that can easily be arranged and rearranged to meet everchanging needs are essential. This freedom gives instructors the opportunity to create stations for interaction and collaboration, as well as heads down and focus areas.

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Café & Dining

Today’s café spaces are truly multi-use areas. Throughout the day, they are in constant transition. From providing a cup of coffee or a meal to supporting work on a collaborative project, these spaces accommodate a wide variety of users.

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Create beautiful, comfortable, and durable outdoor spaces to attract and retain students and faculty. By offering a variety of areas that cater to interaction or private thoughts, these environments can increase productivity and reduce stress.

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Learning spaces provide students with exceptional academic and cultural experiences; however, athletics also play an important role. These environments for the student athletes and coaching staff include meeting spaces, locker rooms, study areas, training rooms, and faculty offices.

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Functional and flexible solutions create spaces for focused work, shared activities, and the exchange of ideas. 

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Learning Environments

Supporting the Evolution of Spaces

and Enabling Flexibility

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Learning Spaces
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