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Ambyint, a market leader in AI-powered optimization for the oil and gas industry, created a cutting-edge and inviting space for their new U.S. headquarters.

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Angel's Envy

Angel’s Envy Distillery transformed their complex from a decaying, graffiti filled space to a modern, yet comfortable and functional work environment for their growing staff.

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Avelar utilized visualizing techniques to transform their space from start to finish in a way that enabled their specific vision to be beautifully brought to life.

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Avon, a well-recognized and iconic brand of beauty supplies and perfumes, wanted to create a space that would be a beautiful, yet functional representation of the women they empower.

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Baptist Health

Baptist Health, Arkansas’ most comprehensive healthcare organization, thoughtfully planned their four-story, medical education building to attract, train, and retain top talent.

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Barnes & Thornburg

Looking for ergonomic solutions, Barnes & Thornburg, a full-service business law firm, utilized Kimball International’s By Design team to develop custom furniture solutions for their offices.

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Brick House Blue

Brick House Blue created a dynamic and empowering space for coworking, team workshops, strategy sessions, speaking engagements, and networking events.

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Chesapeake Urology

Chesapeake Urology designed their space with three main objectives: reducing stress, accelerating healing, and promoting a sense of wellness.

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Collective 615

Collective 615, a coworking space in Nashville, Tennessee, was furnished to create a comfortable, female-centric atmosphere to enhance the lives of those that utilize the space.

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To accommodate a growing workforce, ICER, a nonprofit healthcare review organization, outfitted their new space with a variety of products suited for individual and collaborative experiences.

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Jacobson & Schmitt

Wealth management advisors, Jacobson & Schmitt created a comfortable and inviting space for their clientele and employees by blending lounge furniture into collaboration and meeting areas.

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Thyen-Clark Cultural Center

The Thyen-Clark Cultural Center and the Jasper-Dubois County Public Library chose Kimball International products to outfit the majority of their 67,000 square foot superstructure.

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