During the course of the pandemic, Kimball International conducted research to better understand employee needs. With our research partners, we found that one message was consistent. No matter the end market, design must be responsive. When we took a closer look at the spaces that are needed to support responsive design, we discovered four trends. The 4 Ps - Pliability, Performance, Power, and Placement - must be considered to develop spaces that can be truly responsive to users’ needs and provide an optimal experience.

 By leveraging design-thinking, informed by what our research presented, we developed Six Space Types. These Space Types are based on the 4 Ps and support responsive design in workplace environments. This comprehensive approach allows us to create purposeful settings that work for a multitude of spaces and a variety of users. From 100% working from home to flexible work schedules to those desiring a return to the office, organizations have been challenged with accommodating ever-changing needs. Kimball International is here to help navigate this evolving landscape. By offering our experience and point of view on furniture solutions and applications, we can help enhance employee experience, engagement, retention, and satisfaction.

The Six Space Types

The Hub

Often described as the heartbeat of the office, the Hub supports socialization and connectivity. These spaces are often designed with comfortable, casual, and eclectic pieces.

Culture Café

These spaces play an important part in defining an organization’s brand and culture, as well as creating a positive customer experience. They offer a variety of seating options for meeting, catching up, and grabbing a bite to eat.

Work Your Way

These workspaces support users throughout their work day. From spaces with visual and acoustical privacy to informal meeting areas, these destinations accommodate planned and impromptu interactions.

The Meet-Up

Tech-savvy spaces that support coming together, in-person or virtually. These conference rooms and huddle spaces are highly functional and encourage collaboration and problem solving.

Room on the Move

Versatile and movable furniture solutions allow these spaces to easily transition. Promote learning, training, mentoring, and hands-on activities by offering these flexible spaces.

Well + Good

Promote employee well-being and safety with spaces and programs dedicated to overall health. These areas include yoga and meditation spaces or more personal needs like a mother’s room.