Creating a place where patients, families, and caregivers feel like they belong is more than providing a patient room, waiting space, or workstation. It’s about connecting to a greater purpose and supporting individual needs. It’s about balancing hybrid environments, prioritizing flexibility, supporting inclusion and belonging, and focusing on overall health and well-being.

Kimball International believes it’s essential to create environments where each individual feels safe and valued. From adaptable spaces designed to support a variety of users and activities to carefully curated environments that focus on individual needs and well-being, healthcare environments must accommodate the needs of all and include elements that create spaces that can support better outcomes.

Trends in Healthcare

In our HCD booth, you’ll see a broad range of applications to support emerging trends in healthcare.

Flexible: Community

Patients seek convenience throughout their journey — from short and comfortable wait times to engaging conversations with caregivers in versatile consultative settings.

Balanced: Caregiver Spaces

Caregiver burnout didn’t start with COVID-19, and it won’t end with it either. We are conducting observations and working with clients to bring forth solutions that will aid in supporting the quality of care for the caregiver.

Supportive: Family Engagement

Creating dedicated space for family to be engaged and an active participant in the care journey is proven to reduce patient stress and improve communication.

Equitable: Virtual Care

As technology continues to become more and more present in today’s care, it is critical to provide environments that can strengthen engagements between caregiver and patient whether virtual or in-person.