Our Kolo Pods received the Innovation Award and Silver Nightingale Awards at the Healthcare Design Conference + Expo (HCD), based on their contribution to a healing environment, functionality, quality, durability, aesthetics, pricing, and innovation. 

Trends in Healthcare

In our HCD booth we shared a broad range of applications that support emerging trends in healthcare.

Balancing Hybrid Environments

Whether facilitating a virtual care session or taking a personal video call in a waiting area, patients, families, and caregivers want to feel accommodated in their 

hybrid interactions.

Prioritizing Flexibility

In today‚Äôs health environments, spaces must be responsive to the different needs of facilities to maximize efficiency and the quality of care.

Focusing on Inclusion and Belonging

Feeling connected is different for everyone - patients need to feel like their care is specific to their needs, families need to feel like they belong on the care journey with their loved ones, and caregivers need to feel a sense of belonging through places that support their work styles.

Supporting Health and Well-being

Offering areas where caregivers can relax and recharge leads to greater job satisfaction, reduced stress, and more responsive patient services. To mitigate burnout, create spaces where teamwork thrives, and overall wellness is a priority.