Our Company Philosophies and Code of Conduct are guides to conducting business with the highest integrity and ethical standards. The values and expectations conveyed reflect the Kimball International culture and help guide our day-to-day actions. The cornerstones are our Guiding Principles and Ethics Policy. We also have a formalized Compliance and Ethics Program which provides overall governance and oversight. 


Our Company Philosophies and Code of Conduct include our strong commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), which are expectations of our shareowners, our customers, and our communities. The following highlights key statements in our Company Philosophies and Code of Conduct. Our more detailed Employee Handbook is reviewed and acknowledged by all employees at hire and every year as a reminder and re-commitment. 


​Kimball International recognizes that diverse, talented and engaged employees are a key competitive advantage. We are committed to building a workforce that consists of the characteristics and attributes that reflect and best serve our markets and the communities in which we do business. The varied experiences, skills and qualifications of our people enhance the company’s overall effectiveness. We promote an environment where each employee is valued, respected, and treated with dignity. We believe a wide array of perspectives, resulting from a diverse culture, promote innovation and build success.

Equal Opportunities

​Kimball International and its business units are Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action employers. We have established policies to promote diversity and non-discriminatory employment practices. We believe that the best policy is one that awards a job to the most qualified person. Kimball International does not discriminate in its employment policies and practices on the basis of age, race, color, religion, national origin, sex, gender, disability, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity, status as a protected veteran, or any other legally-protected status. Kimball International is committed to hiring qualified applicants and providing employees with disabilities with reasonable accommodations that do not impose undue hardship.

Open Door

​Kimball International's "Open Door" policy offers an open invitation to our employees for feedback and discussion and is an important part of our culture. The term "open door" is recognized as a right of admittance, the freedom of access to leaders, all in the spirit of open, non-defensive communication. We truly believe that to be successful, we need the free exchange of ideas, information and discussion with all employees. Open, honest, and non-defensive communication facilitates continuous improvement. Employees are encouraged to talk to anyone, at any time, on any idea, issue or concern, starting the dialogue with their immediate supervisor or another appropriate leader at their location and expanding as necessary.

Fair Wages

​Kimball International is committed to complying fully with all applicable laws and regulations dealing with wage-and-hour issues, including off-the-clock work, meal and rest breaks, overtime pay, separation pay, minimum-wage requirements, wages and hours of minors and other subjects related to wage and hour practices.

Political Contributions/Lobbying

​Employee involvement in the political process as individuals on their own time and with their own funds is a matter of personal choice. Kimball International's political contributions and lobbying activity are controlled corporately and should not be represented by other than authorized personnel.

Human Rights & Labor Rights

Kimball International complies with all applicable U.S. federal, state, local, and non-U.S. country-specific national and international laws regarding labor relations, including works councils and union representation. Kimball International is proud of its long-standing record on ethical employment practices, encompassing more than the legal stipulations of human and labor rights, including our total approach to employee relations which upholds human dignity in its workforce. Kimball International operations are covered by the Company's own labor code, made public via postings throughout our facilities. The code covers such topics as freedom of association, forced labor, child labor, and equality in employment, including nondiscrimination and equal remuneration. As a federal contractor, Kimball International has formally documented our moral obligation to forbid human trafficking and forced labor in our Employee Handbook.


Kimball International is committed to a work environment that is free from human trafficking and any form of forced labor or unlawful child labor. Kimball International employees, contractors, subcontractors, vendors, suppliers, partners and others through whom Kimball International conducts business must not engage in any practice that constitutes trafficking in persons or forced labor.

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Safety, Health, and Security

​Kimball International creates safe and secure workplace environments for our people and strives to have an injury free culture at each of our locations. We truly believe that all workplace injuries can be prevented. Kimball International’s safety philosophy emphasizes that safety is a value, and unlike priorities, values never change. Management commitment and employee involvement play a key active role in designing and implementing safety programs for each of our workplaces. Our processes are designed to enhance a culture where each employee accepts responsibility for their own personal safety, as well as the safety of their coworkers. Kimball International promotes awareness and education among employees with the goal of eliminating exposures and risks that create unsafe conditions and behaviors. All employees are expected to work safely, follow safety policies and regulations, report unsafe conditions and wear appropriate safety equipment.

Personal Growth and Development

​Kimball International supports the education, personal growth and development of our employees, including training and education that enhances specifically identified skills and personal development needs that link closely to better satisfying our customers and improving company performance.

Suppliers and Business Partners

​At Kimball International, we are committed to the highest ethical standards in selecting and working with our global suppliers, vendors and business partners. We expect the same high standards of quality and performance that our customers expect from us. Kimball International is proud that we have also been successfully audited by numerous customers, and that we have met their high standards for sustainability, environmental issues and human rights. Likewise, Kimball International makes great efforts to screen and select its global supply chain partners. We expect all our partners to follow the laws and regulations where they operate, including human rights, safety and fair wages and we share our code of conduct and communicate our expectations with them on an annual basis.

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