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At Kimball International, we believe in the transformative power of exceptional design. 

It has the potential to reshape spaces and profoundly enhance the lives of those who work, heal, and learn within them. We’re grateful you’ve chosen to join our design community. As you begin this exciting journey, be assured of our unwavering support and the robust resources we offer. We are here to listen, support, and inspire you.

Robust Resources for the Dealer Designer Community

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We eagerly anticipate seeing your creativity and expertise unfold as you bring our furniture and designs to life for your clients. Together, we are poised to craft extraordinary, innovative, and sustainable spaces that leave a lasting impression.




An annual advisory board that provides invaluable feedback on eTools, product requirements, and other specification assets. This input is crucial to enhancing our offerings and ensuring that our design resources best serve the dealer designer community.



An immersive training program, held at our Jasper, Indiana, headquarters, that serves as the capstone to your training journey. It combines hands-on experience with inspiration, enabling participants to create captivating and functional spaces that amplify the customer experience and boost sales.



An inclusive monthly gathering where designers come together to discuss trends, exchange insights, and elevate their design skills by sharing innovative ideas. In addition, designers learn about Kimball International product updates, CET enhancements, and brand resources. Together, we aspire to refine our craft and generate standout design specifications.



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Working with Your Design Strategist

Bringing Spaces to Life

As Kimball International’s visual storytellers, the Design Strategist team collaborates with internal and external stakeholders to enhance the design process and bring spaces to life. We exceed our clients’ expectations by stretching the boundaries of design. By utilizing our deep industry knowledge and expertise, and applying our robust portfolio from five distinct brands, we provide unique applications that challenge the status-quo. We’re passionate about creating spaces that enrich the experience of those who work, learn, and heal within them.

Meet Our Team

Brand Resources

Alternative Design

Alternative Design is a platform that explores what’s changing in our world to help designers become makers of a better future. We discuss how diverse perspectives and disruptive ideas can revolutionize the design industry. Tune in to the Alternative Design podcast, check out our blog, and listen to our conversations, to be inspired to craft the world of tomorrow, today.

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Creating Places to Belong

Over the last year, our research, insights, conversations with customers, and even a reflection on our own journey around what it takes to create an equitable, inclusive, flexible, and safe workplace have led to our point of view on Creating Places to Belong. We’ve developed this campaign to share the value of connecting to a greater purpose and supporting individual needs.

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With showrooms across the county, we are able to share inspiring spaces that showcase our solutions in a variety of environments. By offering an experiential and personalized live tour or an interactive, virtual experience, we are excited to immerse our A&D partners in everything we have to offer.

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