Destination by Design

Spaces designed to feel like destinations prioritize connection, community, comfort, and choice.

Enter Lifestyle Amenities, a compelling ecosystem of spaces that support well-being, encourage connection, and drive enhanced productivity. These hospitality-inspired spaces create compelling experiences in workplace, education, and health.

Lifestyle Amenities embody three core values: Focus, Gather, and Nurture. By curating diverse spaces within these categories, we’re not just creating places to pass through but crafting destinations deliberately designed to enrich daily life.

Spaces that Matter.

At the heart of Lifestyle Amenities are three essential values: Focus, Gather, and Nurture. By carefully curating spaces that fall into these categories, we can craft destinations that meaningfully enhance everyday life.


Flexible design is pivotal in supporting individual needs and reinforcing a sense of belonging. Incorporating our six distinct space types into a design allows users to craft their own unique experiences where they can focus, gather, and nurture, elevating engagement, well-being, and overall satisfaction.


Solitude for Success

Focus spaces are versatile. They offer quiet areas for concentrated work or study, in offices, campuses, or healthcare environments. Whether a secluded corner for deep focus or a private pod for quick tasks, focus areas support task-based work and learning by catering to individual needs for concentration, away from distractions.


Open Focus

People look for a mix of engagement and focus in shared spaces like open offices and public areas. Acoustic furniture, private lounges, media booths, or pods can provide areas for concentrated work while still fostering a sense of community.

Private Focus

High back privacy lounges, meeting shelters, and private offices located within an open plan setting can offer more secluded focus spaces among the hustle. 

Culture Enhancing Settings

Gather spaces prioritize community and connection which are crucial in any setting. In workplaces, they enhance collaboration; in educational settings, they encourage learning and group engagement; and in healthcare, they provide communal areas for patients and families to interact, supporting emotional well-being. These spaces are designed to foster meaningful interactions, whether for professional collaboration, student discussions, or patient support.


Collaborative Gathering

Adaptable, tech-enabled gathering spaces allow teams to innovate together through seamless hybrid collaboration. Well-appointed meeting rooms, huddle rooms, and even cafés and hubs empower collaborative group work with flexible solutions that integrate virtual and in-person participation.

Social Gathering

Offering dedicated spaces such as cafés, recreation areas, and outdoor common spaces nurtures the fundamental human need to socialize and interact with others.

Well-Being Centric Settings

Nurture zones emphasize well-being, with a focus on mental and physical health. These spaces can range from meditation rooms in office and schools to relaxation areas in hospitals, offering a retreat for stress management and mental health support. They underscore the importance of a holistic approach to health and wellness, vital in all aspects of life.


Nurturing Respite

Dedicated personal reflection spaces serve as sanctuaries for mental recharging—essential for cultivating a balanced, innovative, and productive atmosphere.

Nurture Outdoors

Outdoor spaces, or bringing the outdoors in, within workplace, learning, and healthcare settings, not only reduce stress and improve mental health, but also boost productivity and morale. 

Lifestyle Amenities & Culture

Leveraging Lifestyle Amenities effectively requires understanding the evolving needs of the individuals your spaces serve. The thoughtful integration of focus, gather, and nurture spaces is essential to mirror a company’s unique cultural identity. Our pioneering research ”Creating Places to Belong”, offers critical insights for organizations keen on aligning their cultural identity with sensory and design elements. We invite you to utilize our expertise to craft an environment that not only resonates with your company’s core values but also fosters a sense of belonging and vitality among your people. 

We’re not just creating places to pass through…

We’re crafting destinations deliberately designed to enrich daily life.

Explore our Chicago showroom to see how our products can support amenity spaces where convenience intertwines with purpose to empower work, learning, and personal health on an individual’s terms.