Alternative Design is a platform that explores what’s changing in our world to help designers become makers of a better future. We discuss how diverse perspectives and disruptive ideas can revolutionize the design industry. Tune in to the Alternative Design podcast, check out our blog, and listen to our conversations to be inspired to craft the world of tomorrow, today.

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Alternative Design®

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Listen in on interviews and candid conversations as we explore the power of foresight and how designers can become makers of a better future.


A hub for inspiration and exploration in the world of design, our blog offers additional insights to complement the podcast and conversations.

Alternative Conversations

Featuring influential makers, designers, and innovators, this documentary-style series of films and external dialogues focuses on lifestyles and inspiration. 


Just Launched

Alternative Design® Season 4

Your Productivity Soundtrack

At Kimball International, we are makers. Before we filled spaces with furniture, Kimball International filled them with music. Our pianos were celebrated for their craftsmanship and quality as we made “music for the millions”.

But now, employees need inspiration as they shape the new workplace. Staying true to our roots, we made a music album that will spark creativity and support company culture wherever your desk is. A companion to the Alternative Design podcast, each song is inspired by an episode of the first season and composed by our podcast producer, composer, and one of our very own makers, Andrew Reid. The soundtrack features a variety of “alternative” musical voices and styles that are meant to unlock new possibilities.

So, whether you’re part of the 42% of employees who listen to podcasts or the 75% of employees who listen to music at their desk, we’ve got you covered. Listen now wherever you stream music and join us as we design for a better human experience.

Alternative Design® Testimonials

"Alternative Design is a phenomenal podcast for anyone looking to push the boundaries of your creative thinking. In a world that must have inspirational input to thrive, this is a must listen that will spur listeners to look at old problems in new ways. I personally can’t wait for each subsequent season!"

Amanda Schneider, Founder & President at ThinkLab + Host of the Design Nerds Anonymous podcast

"FINALLY! Someone else out there in the world wants to talk about topics outside of the design norm! Thank you, Kimball International, for creating this forward thinking design conversation for those of us who hang upside down on the monkey bars for a new perspective."

Christa Moritz, M Moser Associates