Sculptural in design and stunning in form.

With distinct curves that create cozy comfort, Jovalie is more than just lounge seating. Its welcoming style and versatile shape easily fit into a variety of environments, creating spaces where conversations flow and interactions thrive. Easy access to integrated power and data options makes Jovalie even more accommodating. From single seat solutions to multi-seat units, with options for mobile, static, and swivel bases, Jovalie offers distinct appeal and indulgent comfort.

Sculptural in design and stunning in form.

Jovalie effortlessly creates welcoming spaces with its simple, sculptural shape. Its softened lines, rounded silhouette, and organic form combine to provide a comfortable and casual vibe.

“When designing Jovalie, I wanted to develop a lounge solution that could be used in any space type...from hub-like areas with multiple users to cozy nooks where individuals could relax. Jovalie is unique because its curvaceous design really creates a relatable experience for the user. It’s comforting and inviting.”
Derek Schweikarth

Make a statement with delightful comfort.

Make a statement with delightful comfort.

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