A kit of parts that can be used in many ways.

A complete wall system that can create functional, expressive walls by utilizing a unique palette of honest materials such as cork, peg board, chalkboard, raw metal, and butcher block. Designed with full functionality in mind to maximize wall space and integrate into the open plan, Work|Able takes a modern approach with simplicity in design to facilitate collaboration, opening up a whole new way of leveraging the wall.

A kit of parts that can be used in many ways.

Create functional, expressive walls.

There are a lot less walls in the workplace today. With teams and workloads continuing to grow, we’re being challenged to maximize every inch of space. Now, more than ever, the walls and surfaces need to do more “to earn their place”. San Francisco designer, Brian Graham, partnered with Kimball to create a solution that leverages the wall and makes it as functional as it can be. As real estate continues to shrink, smaller enclaves and tight spaces are becoming incredibly valuable. With the increasing importance of open plan environments, Work|Able creates the ability to take a wall or space that once wasn’t utilized and give it purpose.

Create functional, expressive walls.

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