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In this special two-part episode of the Alternative Design podcast, we're taking a tour of the craft beer world, starting with my local brewery, Ferndale Project. Dayne Bartscht joins us as the Founder and Managing Partner of Ferndale Project to share how they intentionally built a symbiotic relationship with the local community, a concept that Colleen Myles, a political ecologist and beer geography expert, refers to as "fermented landscapes". We'll make some interesting connections between microbreweries and the workplace by exploring how the shared ideas of craft, community, and culture can elevate our sense of belonging. As we see an emerging trend of companies relocating to smaller mixed use environments, including the move to Fulton Market in our own industry, it begs an important question for the future of work. Could inviting the local community into the office experience amplify our sense of belonging? This is Episode 18: Crafting Culture and Belonging Part 1.


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" We didn't design a space, and then the community came to that space. We met the community. Unintentionally because of the pandemic, but we met the community, learned about the community, and then created a space that reflected what the community wanted."



Host and Guests in this Episode

Host: Kaelynn Reid

As a Certified Design Futurist and the Host of Kimball International’s Alternative Design podcast, Kaelynn encourages designers to make creative decisions today for a more promising human experience tomorrow.

Guest: Colleen C. Myles

Associate Professor of Geography, Texas State University

Guest: Dayne Bartscht

Founder of Eastern Market Brewing Co.

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