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Health Environments
Design Thinking for Today’s Healing Spaces

As healthcare undergoes the most extreme transformational shift in over a century, the role of space has never been as pivotal as it is today. By applying an evidence-based approach to space planning and product design, Kimball International anticipates trends to stay ahead of change. Our holistic collection of products keeps pace with the demands of today, so you can elevate every experience to impact the way healthcare is delivered tomorrow.


Perfect Harmony in Health

With five Kimball International brands, paired with our health expertise at your fingertips, you can create innovative solutions to achieve the best outcomes. After all, great design can make any experience that much better.

Fast Track Results

Our highly efficient, interactive design charette, ELEVATE, gets your facility up and running faster, so you can generate revenue sooner. This program allows all stakeholders to explore new ideas while making well-informed decisions based upon your schedule and budget realities. 


Responsive Design

In today’s health environments, adaptability and flexibility are critical. Spaces must be responsive to the different needs of facilities to maximize efficiency and the quality of care.  

Healthcare Emerging Trends
Community Areas

When designed around human needs, community spaces help create better experiences for patients and families by fostering more meaningful uses of time and increasing confidence that they are receiving the best care throughout every step of their journey.

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Caregiver Spaces

Settings where teamworks thrives and new work styles are supported, paired with environments where caregivers can relax and recharge, leads to greater job satisfaction, reduced stress, and more responsive patient service.

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Family Engagement

When the elements of people and place are holistically considered, the results are patient rooms that bring patients and families together—aiding in the patient’s recovery and welcoming family as active participants in the care journey.

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Virtual Care Settings

Virtual care spaces must support coming together to problem solve and collaborate. These spaces can range from a hybrid exam room, to a small huddle room, to a private booth space. Design is critical when creating a space that provides an equitable experience for both caregiver and patient.

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Embracing Change

Elevated Care Through Evidence-based Design

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Health Spaces & Applications

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