Our Story

We are makers.

An upstart in a town bustling with woodworkers,

Driven by the vision of a man who found his start

Pushing a broom.


Our founder’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to seek growth,

A name, and a new future.

Kimball was woven into our Jasper roots.

From jazz halls to living rooms,

We brought music to the millions,

Earning our hallmarks of excellence and beauty.


We combined art and science to make organs

that kept the heart of our business beating.

We expanded our offerings,

To marry the demands of the market with the skills of our people.

Because while our products are built to last,

The care we keep can outlast anything.

Our family grew as we added products and brands.

We made desks designed for connections

And designed chairs to go with them.

From healing to hospitality,

We built relationships and furniture intended to endure—

Cultivating a company people wanted to do business with.


Nurturing what makes us strong will always be our way.

That’s why we plant seeds and opportunities,

To support the people and places that help us thrive.


While our founder’s ambition made us who we are,

It’s now our time to find the founder within us all,

And become the makers

That make so much more.

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