Welcome to the Alternative Design Podcast, where we empower creatives to rethink space and how it's designed.

New episodes of the Alternative Design Podcast are released monthly from February through September. 

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Kaelynn Reid


A metro-Detroiter and former interior designer turned brand ambassador, Kaelynn is inspired by the forward thinking concepts found in the margins of our design community.

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Jack Gilbert

Professor of Microbiology, USCD

In Episode 1, “Give the Buildings Yogurt,” we talk with Jack about how the microbiome in the built environment can be manipulated and help to win the war for the “good guys”. 

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Rosie Broadhead

Owner/Creator, Skin 2

In Episode 1, “Give the Buildings Yogurt,” we talk with Rosie, a sportswear clothing designer in Belgium who is pioneering the efforts to weave probiotics into her textiles. 


Maya Bird-Murphy

Founder/Executive Director
Chicago Mobile Makers

In Episode 2, “We’re Not Waiting for the Graduates” we talk with Maya about how architecture should be a right for all, not just the elite and privileged.