We Make Furniture That Makes Work Happy​

Poppin exists to create modern, functional office furniture and supplies that enable productivity and spark happiness. From startups to Fortune 500 companies, businesses rely on Poppin for complete workspace solutions that get their employees working happy.​


We believe that employees are truly at their best when they have the appropriate tools and spaces to do their work with creativity and efficiency. That’s why we design and manufacture everything from notebooks and pens to adjustable height desks and office phone booths. Poppin’s Furniture Collection has been designed with flexibility in mind for easy adaption for changing work modes and business needs. ​


We know first-hand that work is happier when people are working together. That’s why we’ve created turnkey solutions for collaboration spaces, including PoppinPod Office Phone Booths for 2, 4, or 6 people and PoppinSpaces, the first-ever system of free-standing rooms. We can also customize our desktop supplies just for you, creating branded swag that unites employees and creates community. ​

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Get to Know: The Poppin Brand


Our NYC-based design team distills the essence of every office product—a stapler, a task chair, or a paperclip—to their simplest, most elegant forms. By designing with functionality in mind, we create iconic products that work in both traditional and contemporary environments.​


Whether it’s the thoughtful engineering of our no-tool-assembly products or an irreverent play on words, Poppin aspires to be clever always.​


We design products to meet the needs we find in our own offices. The “models” you see in our photography are Poppin employees. We understand what people want and need at work because we want and need it too. 


​We choose to be glass half full. Not because we’re naïve, but because we believe attitude is everything. We also believe beautiful, functional design makes people happy and that happy people make successful companies. ​​

“My favorite part about Poppin is the ability to add, remove, or change spaces. With Poppin, we were able to furnish our space right away.”​