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Welcome to the future of office spaces, as seen through the eyes of Stanley Sun from Mason Studio. Stanley's innovative approach brings a new perspective on how offices can be co-owned by employees and the community. Stanley’s vision goes beyond redefining physical spaces. It’s about discovering new revenue streams for businesses that also create meaningful connections and foster community building. We talk about their experience in transforming their office into a cultural hub during Toronto's DesignTO festival, a space that truly reflected their company's values.


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Why can't we share space and still have it highly operational and functional and it meets all the needs of whatever the organization is? But, we just so happen to be working with somebody else too? I think there are so many incredible elements about this collaboration. 



Host and Guests in this Episode

Host: Kaelynn Reid

As a Certified Design Futurist and the Host of Kimball International’s Alternative Design podcast, Kaelynn encourages designers to make creative decisions today for a more promising human experience tomorrow.

Guest: Stanley Sun

Cofounder, Creative Director of Mason Studio

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