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Imagine earning college credits by watching Youtube videos on your phone – that’s the reality Study Hall is crafting! Born out of a partnership between Youtube, Arizona State University, and Crash Course, Study Hall is breaking down barriers to education and signals a coming shift in the modern workplace. That’s right, in the not-so-distant future, your office won’t just be where you work, it’ll be where you learn and your boss may become your professor. In this role twist, designers will need to understand how to design personalized learning journeys in both digital and physical spaces that support upskilling of employees to adapt to new technologies.


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Host and Guests in this Episode

Host: Kaelynn Reid

As a Certified Design Futurist and the Host of Kimball International’s Alternative Design podcast, Kaelynn encourages designers to make creative decisions today for a more promising human experience tomorrow.

Guest: Sean Hobson

Chief Design Officer at Arizona State University

Guest: Hema Bajaj

Strategic Partnership and Programming Manager at YouTube

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In the ever-changing landscape of education and work, an initiative is emerging as a transformative force. This collaborative project is called Study Hall. Involving YouTube, Arizona State University (ASU), and Crash Course, it is not just reshaping the formal education process, it is sending ripples into the future of work and design.

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