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Explore the changes that will reshape how we live, work, and learn, from AI mentors guiding task prioritization to children testing different aspects of the corporate experience while still in school. In the year 2030, colleges and businesses come together to connect students to potential employers and mentors within their field of interest and ensure educational programs create job-ready graduates. Discover how popular campus spaces may be reimagined as libraries are transformed into immersive technology upskilling centers and outdated dormitories are reconfigured into hotels aimed at guests participating in “micro-sabbaticals”. Education will extend beyond classrooms and learning will take place in unlikely places. Listen in to witness the emergence of a new era of lifelong learning, where education is everywhere, all at once.


Host: Kaelynn Reid

As a Certified Design Futurist and the Host of Kimball International’s Alternative Design podcast, Kaelynn encourages designers to make creative decisions today for a more promising human experience tomorrow.

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