Evergreen Health, a community-owned and community-led public district hospital of Kirkland, Washington, has remained committed to the evolving healthcare needs of the surrounding community for over 50 years. Recognized as one of America’s 50 Best Hospitals for the last three years in a row, Evergreen prides itself on exceptional care and continuous improvement, now offering access to over 70 clinical specialties across two hospital campuses. The latest improvement project included a full renovation of Kirkland’s Family Maternity Center and connecting Atrium Galleria. Evergreen partnered with Ankrom Moisan, a forward-thinking design firm based out of Seattle, Washington, and Legacy Group, a Kimball International Select Dealer, to help bring the new renovation to life.

Evergreen wished to redesign the Family Maternity Center to become a space centered around patient comfort, family care, and safety of staff. They wanted to move away from the clinical feel of their current furniture toward modern, design-centered solutions which still provided durability and cleanability. They also wanted to offer several styles of seating to accommodate various patients’ needs and abilities. Kimball International lounge and table solutions were selected as part of the new furniture package, due to product quality and forefront design, perfect for patient and family seating areas.

As the Maternity Center’s renovation project progressed, the scope expanded to include other areas on campus, with a special focus on the Atrium Galleria. The Atrium is a massive double-height sitting area with enormous windows that overlook the heart of Kirkland’s campus – a stunning courtyard full of trees, plants, outdoor seating, and a running fountain. 

Understanding how important natural light and the outdoors are to well-being, Evergreen wished to redesign the interior of the Atrium to be warm, welcoming, and filled with color to encourage increased use of the space. The Ankrom Moisan design team drew inspiration from the blues and greens of nature and began the design renovation with new wall graphics, paint, flooring, and wall tile

To coordinate with the new naturistic color palette, Ankrom Moisan and Legacy Group presented Evergreen with a furniture inspiration package, complete with inspiring images of hospitality-focused design and a full solution of Kimball International seating and tables. Evergreen was impressed with the product’s durability, cleanability, opportunities for contrasting fabrics and pops of color, and wide statement of line, making them happy to partner with Kimball International for the Atrium’s completing pieces.

With modern furniture solutions and a bright new color scheme, Evergreen’s visions of a newly refreshed Family Maternity Center and Atrium were brought to life. By selecting a design that supports individual needs and prioritizes health and well-being, Evergreen has created a space where patients, families, and caregivers feel like they belong.