Accelerating Our Business Into The Future


At Kimball International, our history is rich in courage and bold moves to accelerate our business into the future. We’re excited to move into the next phase of our strategy, Connect 2.0. Connect 2.0 enables us to build a deeper, more focused market expertise, driving revenue growth and pivoting to maximize the opportunities that are forming in the workplace, health and hospitality markets, and accelerating our commitment and capability build in eCommerce. Enabling this strategy is a new and nimble organizational design with four market-centric business units servicing our existing Kimball, National, Etc, Kimball Hospitality, and D’Style brands.


To support this new business model, we have streamlined our core center-led support functions and formed a world class Global Operations supply chain and manufacturing organization. We have an extremely talented group of leaders that will get us there including the presidents of our marker-focus business units:


• Kourtney Smith, President of Workplace

• Phyllis Goetz, President of Health

• Kathy Sigler, President of Hospitality

• Koorosh Sharghi, President of eBusiness and Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer


We entered the COVID-19 crisis with incredible momentum and have proven through the first year of our Connect Strategy and through the crisis that we are agile, committed and courageous enough to take the steps needed to lead us ahead toward an exciting future.


At Kimball International we are deeply committed to our communities. We enter this new phase at Kimball International with a tremendous sense of responsibility, but also with confidence in all that lies ahead. As written in our Guiding Principles, “We believe the greatest contribution we can make to the prosperity and quality of life of the communities in which we operate lies in being a dynamic, growing company.”a

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