Administration Spaces

Functional and flexible solutions create spaces for focused work, 
shared activities, and the exchange of ideas.

Private Office

Providing personalized solutions can boost productivity and confidence. By selecting furniture that complements and supports individual work styles and requirements, private office spaces become an extension of the individual.

Shared Workstations

Define personal space yet encourage interaction by integrating shared workstations into the floorplan. These spaces provide individualized work zones that can be tailored to specific needs while accommodating collaboration.


Make a welcoming first impression. Designed to support your educational institution’s style and image, these spaces are beautiful and functional.

Faculty Meeting Room

Coming together to enhance experiences for staff, students, and the community is essential to the success of an educational facility. From board meetings to brainstorming, these spaces spark ideas.

Mail & Copy Room

Work continues behind the scenes where a variety of tasks and projects actually happen. Transform spaces to accommodate a mix of storage, working space, and organization for maximum efficiency.  

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