A stylish silhouette dedicated to comfort.

Daymora is a modern and comfortable lounge collection that includes freestanding and modular lounge seating and occasional tables. With a design that was inspired by clouds, the pronounced cushions are soft and plush. The wide, flat piping around the perimeter of the arms, back, and seat conveys sophisticated elegance. The metal base detail and optional contrasting fabric locations advance Daymora’s versatility.

A stylish silhouette dedicated to comfort.

Claudio Bellini's approach to design is characterized by meticulous attention to detail, a deep understanding of the user's needs, and a commitment to innovation and sustainability. When designing Daymora, he was driven to create a solution that offered an elegant and soft aesthetic as well as emotional comfort. He wanted to design a modern and flexible lounge solution that invites you to spend time comfortably while taking a break or waiting for a meeting.

During the design process, he challenged himself to be mindful of the number of elements that are used for the series. This minimalistic approach resulted in a seating module that can be utilized for varied sizes of units, as well as incorporating only two elements for the back and armrest.

Committed to elegant comfort and modern design.

Committed to elegant comfort and modern design.

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