Designed for today's community spaces.

Pairings Health was designed to address the constraints of today's waiting places and to make the waiting experience more pleasant and productive.

Made with privacy, connectivity, cleanability, and comfort in mind, Pairings Health is a family of seating, surfaces, and walls that offers unique applications to invite interactions, divide space, and create comfort. This versatile lounge based collection is designed to work alone or as components that easily adapt, whether the environment calls for a simple seating group or a robust lounge system.

Designed for today's community spaces.

Transforming the open area into a 'third space'.

In talking with and listening to our clients about their changing work needs, pL-D and Kimball teamed together to create a more versatile lounge based system called “Pairings”. The platform can work alone as a simple sofa/lounge group or as a system capable of transforming an open area into a ‘third space’. It was specifically designed to allow designers and clients the ability to craft a space that:

• Works in open and enclosed rooms
• Provides space / acoustical separation in open areas
• Provides power and data distribution
• Can be combined with systems furniture and media for expanded work and meeting options

It is a family of components that can easily be crafted together to create formal or informal settings that support today’s work-play-gather environments.

Transforming the open area into a 'third space'.

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