A platform for possibilities.

Embra is a thoughtfully designed family of seating featuring clean, modern lines and an elevated design aesthetic. This collection includes freestanding lounge, sleep sofas, and modular community seating.

Embra is intuitively designed with thoughtful details, including accessible power, storage for personal items, surfaces, and lighting. These design features support naturally human responses and behaviors, bringing humanity back into healing environments. Embra’s purposeful and cohesive design elements support visual consistency and broad utility across a variety of healthcare settings, allowing users to feel welcome, connected, and comfortable.

Embra received a Nightingale Innovation Award in the Guest/Lounge Seating category at the Healthcare Design Conference + Expo (2021), won a Best of Year Award from Interior Design Magazine in the Healthcare Furniture category (2021), and earned My Resource Library’s Best of Chicago from Your Couch Award in the Healthcare Furnishings category.

A platform for possibilities.

Embra allows users to feel welcome, connected, and comfortable.

The path toward healing isn’t just about medicine. It’s an interconnected journey involving mind, body, and spirit, strengthened by the support given from one’s caregivers, family, and friends. When we nurture all aspects of this journey in tandem – optimal healing occurs.

Addressing this collective experience of healing, Embra offers a holistic, human-centered approach for healthcare environments. “Thoughtful and inviting residential elements are infused throughout to soothe and support, enabling patients to better focus on their well-being.” – 5D Studio

Providing warmth, comfort, and aesthetic harmony, Embra brings a sense of humanity to community spaces to enrich the patient experience and enhance the healing journey. Embra is designed to make people feel more at home and at ease in healthcare spaces by respecting their needs for comfort, accommodation, and personal interaction.

Embra allows users to feel welcome, connected, and comfortable.

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