Giving Place a Purpose

Where and how we work has become the main conversation as we reimagine the workday. We recognize that to stay relevant, the workplace must evolve into vibrant, welcoming hubs, offering experiences that are desired and valued by all. To effectively cultivate a sense of belonging in the workplace, we must address the four fundamental human needs of connection, community, comfort, and choice. By thoughtfully solving for these human-centered needs through purposeful space design, we can transform the workplace into a fulfilling and compelling destination for all.


Building strong interpersonal connections at work fosters a sense of belonging by making employees feel valued, respected, and supported. When individuals have meaningful relationships with their co-workers, they are more likely to feel like an integral part of the team and the broader workplace community. 


of employees feel that hybrid schedules and reduced interactions have impacted relationships with co-workers.


Workplace community refers to a sense of shared identity and purpose among employees. When employees perceive that they are part of a larger community with shared values and objectives, they are more likely to identify with the organization and experience a deep sense of belonging.


of employees feel that collaborative group work should be face-to-face. 


A comfortable workplace positively impacts belonging by ensuring that employees feel safe, cared for, and valued. When an organization invests in the well-being and comfort of its employees, it sends a message that they are important and respected, reinforcing their sense of belonging.


of employees say that improving their well-being is a top priority, yet 80% face obstacles at work. 


Empowering employees with choice and autonomy can contribute to a sense of belonging by making them feel that their individual needs and preferences matter. When employees have a say in their work and environment, they are more likely to feel more connected to their work and the organizational culture. 


of those who have a great workplace experience also have a choice in where work gets done.