Family Engagement

When the elements of people and place are holistically considered, the results are patient rooms that bring patients and families together—aiding in the patient’s recovery and welcoming family as active participants in the care journey.

Patient Room

Haven for patients. Hub for families. Workplace for caregivers. Patient rooms serve multiple functions throughout the day. When planned effectively, these spaces can aid a patient’s recovery, welcome family as active participants and provide caregivers the access needed to deliver the best care.

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Exam Room

No longer just a place for medical examinations and treatments, the exam room serves as a space where consulting, learning and person-to-person sharing happens. Also providing a dedicated zone for families improves the experience for everyone involved in the patient’s care.

Treatment Area

Giving holistic consideration to people and place results in settings that enhance patient healing and balance the needs of patients, families, and caregivers.

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