Kimball International is proud to share their most recent sustainability advances. Committed to meeting not only current environmental and social standards but also setting new ones, Kimball International announces a new Healthier Products Summary and Product Restricted Substance List (RSL), in addition to an updated Product Certification Summary, Extended Producer Responsibility partnership, and ecoChecker database. 

“Although our dedication to sustainability efforts is not new, we take pride in our continued commitment to going above and beyond for the safety of our customers, members, and the communities in which we serve,” said Angie Schuch, Vice President Product Marketing. “It’s inspiring to showcase all of these advancements and see how our products can make a positive impact. As always, Kimball International is dedicated to building a more sustainable future and making a difference through leading by example.” 

Healthier Products

Kimball International products can help meet Healthier Products sustainability goals by offering products that meet the requirements for the elimination of formaldehyde, per- and poly-fluorinated compounds, PFAS, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), antimicrobials, and all flame retardants. Products can contribute to earning WELL X05 points. These documents summarize each product series and their chemical content: 

Product Restricted Substance List


Kimball International is focused on ensuring that chemicals of concern are not used in their products. They developed a Product Restricted Substance List (RSL) based on voluntary building standards, product certifications, and applicable regulations. They evaluated their supply chain, manufacturing processes, and products to address and replace problematic materials in support of their dedication to cleaner chemistry. They are committed to producing the safest and healthiest products possible while being transparent about their materials and processes. 

Product Certification Summary

Kimball International is committed to managing the impact that their products have on human health and the environment. In line with this, their practices focus on ensuring high product quality, integrating environmental and health considerations into materials use and product design, and working to make product transportation and end-of-life more sustainable. Kimball International is committed to sustainable business practices and offers products with the following attributes: SCS Global Services Indoor Advantage™ GOLD and BIFMA LEVEL® certified. These summaries outline each product series, pre- and post-consumer recycle content, and the certifications that they have achieved: 

Extended Producer Responsibility

Kimball International collaborated with Green Standards to provide a sustainable decommission solution for the redistribution of surplus workplace furniture, equipment, and supplies. This strategic partnership diverts products from landfills at a 98.6% diversion rate and donates products to non-profits, schools, and charitable organizations. 


Kimball International’s ecoChecker tool is a digital database that can be used to find, compare, and evaluate a wide range of environmental and social criteria. This product portal, powered by ecomedes, provides verified, 3rd party certification and scientific data points that can fuel ESG disclosures, LEED credits, and a growing number of enterprise declarations. The recycled content, certifications, and more are available for each product series. ecoChecker can help with calculations and documentation, making it easy to evaluate how Kimball International furniture can contribute to sustainability efforts. 

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Kimball International is a leading commercial furnishings company with deep expertise in the Workplace, Health, and Hospitality markets. We combine our bold entrepreneurial spirit, a history of craftsmanship, and today’s design-driven thinking alongside a commitment to our culture of caring and lasting connections with our customers, employees, and communities. For over 70 years, our brands have seized opportunities to customize solutions into personalized experiences, turning ordinary spaces into meaningful places. Our family of brands includes Kimball, National, Etc.,Interwoven, Kimball Hospitality, D’style, and David Edward. KimballInternational, based in Jasper, Indiana, is a business unit of HNI Corporation.

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