Caregiver Spaces

Settings where teamwork thrives and new work styles are supported, paired with environments where caregivers can relax and recharge, leads to greater job satisfaction, reduced stress, and more responsive patient service.

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Decentralized Caregiver Station
Centralized Caregiver Station

Nurses need areas for focused work. By providing workstations outside patient rooms or nearby supports focused work and offers caregivers a “Work Your Way” model. This empowers caregivers with choice of environment and thoughtfully considers sight lines to the patient room.

Nurses also need space to work together. We know that team-based care fosters communication, collaboration, and connection which are proven factors influencing the wellbeing of nurses. We have the capabilities to customize these important spaces to the needs of the nurses.

itw_Ezzeri_Caregiver Breakroom.jpg
Caregiver Breakroom

The pace and productivity demands of nursing are increasing in the face of a nursing shortage. Creating spaces for privacy allows caregivers to reflect, unplug, and recharge mind and body. Offering a choice of respite within a shift is a health, sustainable approach to the retaining and attracting caregivers. 

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