Our Purpose

As humans, we relentlessly search for meaning. And since long before the first Kimball-built cabinet rolled out of production, people have been finding that meaning in the spaces we shape into places - places that build communities, form connections, and develop a sense of belonging. But it’s not enough. 


We have an itch to do more - to grow, learn and seek something new. While change requires embracing the unknown, we know that only by breaking out of our own worlds can we make a better one. And at Kimball International, we bring this promise to life with every product we create. 


That’s why we build heart into everything we make and do. Why we give each other the room to discover our best and bring out the best in others. From shop floor to showroom, we’ve always crafted with an eye to the future. Helping every life our products touch to not just stage moments; but seize them. We believe that we can do more than just search for meaning. We can empower people to unlock their potential and bring it to life. Because we dare to be makers of possibility.

Our Ethos
Our Purpose
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