Devoted to continuous growth, Arvig strives for constant innovation and improved services so they can deliver the best-performing and most sought-after broadband solutions for homes and businesses. For over 70 years, Arvig has expanded and now has 27 data centers, 14,500 fiber-route miles, and more than 54,000 internet customers. 

As a part of their commitment to continuous improvement, Arvig leadership set out to renovate their Perham, Minnesota, headquarters in early 2020. Arvig wanted to keep its traditional values visible and evident in the newly renovated space while adding modern furnishings and up-to-date tech capabilities. Despite construction slowdowns due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the new space was exactly what the team had anticipated.

The headquarters has spaces that are for public use as well as corporate areas, so they desired to provide a welcoming and hospitable atmosphere. Arvig wanted to highlight the building’s communal areas and large floor-to-ceiling windows by outfitting those spaces with comfortable lounge seating and inviting area rugs and décor. 

Impressed with Kimball International’s quality products and wide selection of surface materials, Arvig selected seating and table solutions that echoed their design intent and brand image.