Virtual Care Settings

Virtual care spaces must support coming together to problem solve and collaborate. These spaces can range from a hybrid exam room, to a small huddle room, to a private booth space. Design is critical when creating a space that provides an equitable experience for both caregiver and patient.

Focus Enclave

Providing dedicated environments with good lighting, high acoustics, and proper equipment strengthens engagement between caregiver and patient for focused and effective interactions.


Consult spaces that support virtual care and provide in-person care build confidence between the caregiver and their patients and families, leading to better outcomes for all.

itw_Ezzeri_Consult Exam.jpg
Hybrid Care

Hybrid care environments consider the business of Health without sacrificing quality of care. This versatile design of space accommodates traditional exam, quick consultations, collaborative patient/family conversations about wellness, or even caregiver respite.

Transformative Collab

We believe health design also needs to generate collaboration among practitioners to advance innovative ideas of care. Transformative collab is around creating environments that drive medical advancements and improve health outcomes.

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