A Solution for Open Spaces.

Simple to specify and quick to install, the Etarran panel system highlights smart design, durable materials, and features all of the essentials. From single workstations and touch down areas to multiperson hubs for collaboration or focus, Etarran’s flexibility and exceptional portfolio make it easy to create a space for any situation.

A Solution for Open Spaces.

In addition to being specifically designed for easy specification and simple, quick installation, Etarran is focused on providing the necessities. Utilize its comprehensive statement of line and built-in electrical capabilities to outfit open plan areas that make sense. Add static or height-adjustable worksurfaces and a variety of mobile or freestanding storage units to personalize spaces and cultivate solutions that work for any environment.

With a spectrum of surface material options and metal paint colors, Etarran has the functional features and aesthetic elements to outfit any floorplan with ease - from open configurations to those that offer more privacy.

Create spaces for maximum functionality without compromising style.

Create spaces for maximum functionality without compromising style.

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