Thoughtful design for unconventional spaces.

The Eklund collection provides flexible solutions for petite or grand spaces. Whether your facility needs lounge pieces that provide visual and acoustical privacy or products to create a welcoming environment for gathering, Eklund offers everything from individual nooks to multi-seat solutions. Its modular components can be reconfigured, adding flexibility and versatility to any environment. With panel options for privacy and softened acoustics, and the ability to support large and small configurations, Eklund’s portfolio depth easily accommodates evolving spaces.

Eklund was an Honoree in the Interior Design Best of Year Awards and received a MetropolisLikes Award (2021).

Thoughtful design for unconventional spaces.

Sweeping curves and smart design.

With the ability to unify spaces through its comprehensive portfolio, Eklund’s lounge, desk nook, rocker, and tables collection creates inviting environments for interacting as well as focusing. Its organic shape and optional privacy panels easily create a centralized space that can be used by a variety of guests. From casual lobby environments to bustling student unions, Eklund has the flexibility, beauty, and comfort to satisfy even the most discerning of guests.

Sweeping curves and smart design.

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